A past forgotten and yet remembered...
The beginning of a miracle come true...
Scars that cannot heal and heart that has yet to experience love...

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Come, and speak.



"You sounds like you preferred to stay in the woods. Why was that….?" the skylark asked, raising his eyebrow.

She froze and blushed, then looks down at her feet. It was true after all, what the male said.

"Yes…and maybe because I enjoy the feeling of being near…nature? I don’t know…I just feel more comfortable there…"

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Fatherly conversations~ ;) This part was so cute it’s from Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou Episode 24! There are 2 seasons this is the 2nd one… Nurarihyon and Rihan are so hot~  >.< Sorry..

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"Ah, well. We could just fly ourselves, Guew. I don’t want to make you use your powers unnecessarily when we could just fly ourselves there…"

Silver Yogi walked up to Yogi and elbowed him in the side. “I want to ride the dragon.” He walked up to Luna and just stared up at her.

"A-are you sure this is okay, Guew?" Yogi said while half doubled-over.

The dragon blinks at silver Yogi and leans down before snorting and nuzzling against the male’s neck.

Guew laughs.

"Yogi, we’ll be flying higher than you can eve imagine. I don’t think you can manage such heights so that is why I asked Luna. We need to be out of visible eye and dragon eyes can see much better than any other animal," she explained. "So yes, I’m very sure."

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 { ♔ } ”O-okay and now…?”


Even though he was exactly following her movements he stayed rather nervous.

Guew smiled softly at him.

"Would you rather ride with me on the same horse then?"

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6. Me for two nights

”Ehmm..? Here I’m…?”


 { ♔ } ”Ehh? But of course I would share them!”


She smiles at the male and pets him on the head.

"You’re so sweet….well, more sweets then~" she sang as she held up her bag of candies. "Would you like to head over somewhere to share them?"

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Patrick watches her and starts removing his clothes also

Guew strips before the male until only her bra and lacy underwear was left on.

"I-is this okay?"

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A muffled moan escaped the angel’s lips at that touch that sent pleasant chills from his chest to the rest of his body. He felt warm, his cheeks were all red and he could feel his heart fastening its beats. He moved his hands on the God’s shoulders to pull him closer, all of this without opening his eyes. 

{❤️}; Himeros smirked and continued to tease the male’s body.

His other hand sneaking its way down to his pants and unbuttoning them before he rubbed it against the other’s length.

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"I would talk about it all the time if I was able to, frau, trust me."

Gilbert could only imagine the amount of free stuff he could get out of people knowing he was an ex-Nation.

"Kesese! Ja, ja, you can. He seems to like you."

She giggles and nods before looking down at the bird and lightly kissing the top of Gilbird’s head.

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scareye said: Scareye walked through his forest. The day was really boring and he couldn't find any prey. The midnight sun was high and it was really hot. "Hrrmm... I think, they all hide somewhere to escape this heat." Suddenly he smelled something. It wasn't an animal. The werewolf slowly followed the scent, when he saw a figure behind a bush. "A human?" he growled and stood up on his hind legs.



{🌙}; Guew was picking some wild berries off a bush when she heard something rustle the leaves on the other side.

But before she could ask who it was, she saw something rise.

Her ruby-red eyes follows the creature standing and tilts her head some, her silver hair glistening almost white as a gentle wind passed by.

She took notice of what the creature was and felt as thought she should be scared, but after so many other encounters with beings like the one before her, she has grown accustomed to this and smiled kindly at him.

"Greetings," she spoke in a polite and gentle voice that almost sounded like soft wind chimes singing in harmony.

He closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure, when she found the his skin.

Guew paused and smiles.

"Does it feel good?" She asks as she again scrubbed deep into his fur to get to his skin.

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"I.. just wanted to say hello.." she admitted, hearing him growl made her back away a little.

He sighs.

Forgive me…as you can see, I’m not in the greatest of moods right now…" he replied as he rubbed his temples tiredly.

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